Jason Pope has recently co-produced seven episodes of the GOtoGAL which is now airing on CHEK TV.  As the co – creator on this unique project, he was responsible for all aspects of  production on this new comedic lifestyle series. His many hats included, Co-Creator, Director, Executive Producer, and Cinematographer on all 22.30 min shows for broadcast.  Jason also was the Editor on four of the seven episodes.

Episode Seven “Cougar Sighting”

The Victoria divorce party client returns and pays Adera thousands to help get her new life in order. The sudden money surge convinces Brian to spread his entrepreneurial wings while Adera considers her long-term options.

Episode Six “The Green Pile”

Adera is tasked with her largest function yet which leads to a crash course in sustainability.  Meanwhile, Brian & Lindsay misread each others’ emotional cues and a sea creature’s sexual habits lead to unique venue choice.

Episode FOUR “Fight or Flight

Out of the blue, Adera is hired to organize an evening in the city for a rich Hong Kong businessman. Meanwhile, Brian discovers a product that makes him attractive to Lindsay and a scare leaves Adera feeling defenseless – something she hopes to fix at the boxing ring.

Episode Five “Relationtrip

A new client eager to celebrate her recent divorce requests a girls’ getaway to Victoria. Adera and Brian head to Vancouver to source some exciting places and products to commemorate the client’s new start, but find themselves on a relationship roller coaster of their own.

Episode THREE “Puppy Puddles”

Finally, an expecting dog owner hires the GOtoGAL to put together a puppy shower for the new arrival. While Brian’s dog allergies are less than excited, Adera turns to her dog expert contacts to ensure this event is worthy of a referral.

Episode TWO “Surprise on who?”

With an elusive first client and her milestone 30th birthday around the corner, Adera decides to prove her competence by showcasing a GOtoGAL-worthy birthday party for herself. Brian however, insists on organizing the festivities himself. With success mandatory, Adera plays along just to keep Brian out of her planning storm.


Episode ONE “Looking The Part”

With the new business ready to launch, Adera realizes she needs to start looking more professional if she is going to convince clients to hire the GOtoGAL. With continued optimism, Adera asks Brian to help interview candidates for a single assistant position. And although she hires no one, she somehow ends up with a team of three.