Alumni Spotlight – Dr. Keith Tong – Quantum University

For this project I was contacted by Quantum University to do a spotlight on one of their Alumni, Dr Keith Tong. Dr. Tong describes his experiences building his business, ‘Total Vitality Centre,’ while completing his PhD in Integrative and Natural Medicine with Quantum University. Use of technology has played an important role in building success with Dr. Tong’s clients. He discusses the use of revolutionary instruments such as Kirlian photography with the Bio-well 2.0 which is able to measure such elements as vitality, providing clients with front-row seats to eye-opening results and allowing them to take a quantum leap of realization in understanding what is required to start the healing process. “My most amazing Quantum University story is actually myself. As I am learning all the modalities and techniques through the learning modules, I have developed the ability to apply what I have gone through in life and find a new way of looking at things… I am very grateful to have entered the path of Quantum University because it helped me heal myself, which will now allow me to heal others.”

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