Interview with Mark Fitzgerald, President & CEO of PETRONAS Canada

The Advent of Liquified Natural Gas and What It Means for Canadian Natural Gas

Liquified natural gas, or LNG, is natural gas chilled and liquified into a clear non-corrosive and non-toxic liquid; due to its extreme cold, however, it can flash freeze any flesh it touches.

Mark Fitzgerald, the president and CEO of PETRONAS Canada, was kind enough to sit down and expand on what LNG’s advent within Canada can mean for its natural gas industry. Fitzgerald explained that LNG infrastructure development was absolutely crucial to Canada’s industry, thanks to several benefits such as the abundance of natural gas resources, pre-established infrastructure ripe for adaptation, and the small distance between Canadian natural gas and its most important markets. 

He also sees the impact of Canadian LNG exports on the global industry as an opportunity to take a leading role and meet the world’s ever-growing energy demands while still maintaining the vision for a green industry. Fitzgerald is also confident that Canada can meet the world’s demand, although it will be regional by nature due to the high-quality nature of Canadian LNG and Canada’s connections to close LNG markets.


The Importance of the Natural Gas Innovation Fund

The Natural Gas Innovation Fund, or NGIF, was founded by the Canadian Gas Association to support funding towards cleantech innovations in every aspect of the production chain for natural gas; it’s also meant to fill the tech development gap and help invest in industry innovations.

Fitzgerald sees PETRONAS Canada’s involvement in the NGIF as not only something to be proud of, but also a vital component of keeping on top of innovations and creativity within the industry that helps meet public expectations concerning reduced emissions and a greener future. 

Additionally, he sees the NGIF overall as an important tool for the industry to come together and share what it’s learned collectively and drive innovation and success that’s critical to the industry long-term. 


Why Mark Fitzgerald Attends Events Like Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference

He sees events like the exhibition as a great place to not only talk but share ideas about how to be successful both as an industry and as a partner with those that expect the industry to meet green energy and cleantech guidelines.

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